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독일 Boschert

100 % Made in Germany

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Punching Machine Compact Rotation

인덱싱되는 Revotools을 사용하여 최대 직경 105mm의 금형으로 금형이 360도 회전하면서(인덱싱) 작업.

7가지 방식의 Revotool은 이 모델을 위해 장착되었습니다. 각각 직경 16mm의 추가된 금형 및 5 x 30 mm 슬릿팅 금형 사용으로 금형 교환없이 모든 작업을 가능하게 합니다.

More components of the Compact

아주 작은 재품 및 절곡된 재품의 작업을 위해 L-sheet가 기본 공급 됩니다. (표준사양)

The automatic tool lubrication serves to increase tool life when nibbling stainless steel (VA) and decreases edge burrs in aluminium
Repositioning up to 10 meters and clamp movement without contacting the sheet. 2 robust clamps for sheets up to 200 kg (expandable to 4 clamps). Standard capacitiy up to 7 mm or 12,7 mm when required. (Standard)

Sandblasted, corrosion resistant surface as standard. Balls in the table for heavier sheets and easy handling, brushes in the table for thin or scratch sensitive sheets are also available.

Vacuum slug removal
CNC/CAD software to import DXF-files into machine language, calculated punch time, graphic simulation
니블링 속도 800 strokes / min with integrated oil cooling
Programmable repositioning of the clamps for faster set up of the machine.
태핑및 드릴링 장치 장착 M3 up to M12 및 두께 보다 작은 홀도 가공 가능.

Marking apparatus for marking parts in 10 different fonts.

기술 사양
작업 반경
Compact 750x2000 810 x 2080 mm
Compact 1000x2000 1060 x 2080 mm
Compact 1250x2000 1310 x 2080 mm
최대 두께 12,7 mm
clamp opening / Revotool 6 mm 2
최대 펀칭 길이 9999 mm by repositioning
펀칭 가압력 280 kN (optional 400 kN)
최대 가공 중량 200 kg
Max. positioning speed X- axes 60 m/min
Max. positioning speed

Y- axes 30 m/min

동시 이송시 X & Y 67 m/min
Max. strokes standard hydraulic 250 strokes/min
Max. strokes fast hydraulic 800 strokes/min
Trumpf tooling system
최대 펀칭 직경 105 mm or any shape within 105 mm
Revotool 4 / 6 / 7 & 8 stations
Time of tool changing 2-4 sec
Revotool 15 sec. manual

Axes accuracy during punching process

우치 정밀도 + - 0,10 mm
반복 정밀도 + - 0,03 mm
Space requirement and weights
Compact 750x2000 4050 x 4000 x 2110 mm weight 7400 kg
Compact 1000x2000 4050 x 4500 x 2110 mm weight 9200 kg
Compact 1250x2000 4050 x 5000 x 2110 mm weight 10500 kg
Electrical Values standard hydr. / fast hydr. Electrical connecting value  20 / 25 kVA
Hydraulic motor 4,8 / 11 kW
Electrical consumption 2 mm sheet thickness continuous operation 4,9 / 7,7 kW/h
Electrical consumption 4 mm sheet thickness continuous operation 5,4 / 8,75 kW/h
Required fuse 3 x 25 A / 3 x 35 A
Pneumatic connecting value min. 4 bar
Hydraulic oil 115 / 160 litre


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